Three-Part Series: Part II, Brooks Ghost Series Shoe


Long lasting comfort, style, and performance? Look no further than the Brooks Ghost! Welcome to Part 2 of my Three-Part Series features the very best of Brooks neutral running shoes. This time we take a look into another battle-tested model that I’ve put to the test with surprising results.

Over the fall I was experiencing some leg pain, turns out rapidly increasing my miles and hitting triple digit monthly mileage was the culprit, but I figured it was time for a fresh pair of kicks anyway. I ordered a pair of Brooks Ghosts after deciding a little more cushion would be nice on my sore shins.

When my Ghosts arrived I immediately put them on and noticed a few things right off the bat:

  • The shoes were true to size, fit extremely well, and were awesomely comfortable.
  • The laces, when snug, really locked these in as a stable and controllable running shoe- they just felt fast.

I was about 2 weeks from the Hershey Half Marathon, so I needed to break these puppies in, in record time. I wore the ever living daylights out of these Ghosts and they were more than up to the challenge. I hit the streets hard and started logging mile after mile.

Unlike the Launch Series shoe, the Ghost Series feature slightly more cushion in the sole and larger lugs for improved traction in all weather conditions.  The Ghost is slightly heavier than the Launch, but only by an ounce, so the foot feel is relatively the same weight.

Technical Specs: Source Brooks 



Midsole Drop



10.4oz / 294.8g


Medium, High

The upper mesh fits extremely well over the foot and is breathable and comfortable for even all-day use. Just like the Launch, the midsole is made from the same BioMoGo DNA that really adapts to any stride and allows for buttery smooth comfort for those long miles ahead. As I have mentioned, I wore these shoes during the Hershey Half Marathon and was amazed at the long last comfort – and the best part, I didn’t have to worry about my feet the entire race! I think one of the worst things to deal with during a race is pain and discomfort. These Ghosts did not disappoint and it really allowed me a chance to focus on just running and worry about other things like nutrition and why in God’s name is the same song playing over and over from my playlist.

The tread has a beefier lug design than the smoother Launch shoe which really adds some flexibility in handling various course conditions. The Hershey Half has a transition section from road-to-grass back to road for a brief period and depending on the weather and time of the year, that transition can be a little iffy – with the improved traction of the Ghost soles, I didn’t bat an eye.



So where do I stand on the Brooks Ghost Series shoe? I have logged some serious road mileage on my current pair and have yet to be disappointed. As I mentioned earlier, out of the box, the experience has been wildly different compared to the Launch Series shoe (which I still love), and different in the best way possible. I find myself wearing my Ghosts to go for a run, and even for casual wear to run errands. I’m blown away at the all-day comfort these shoes bring and the overall awesome performance. The fit is so comfortable and yet super stable that I feel at ease wearing these in all conditions.

Cushion (Shoe Comfort): 5_STAR
Foot Fit (True to Size): 5_STAR
Weight: 5_STAR
Traction: 5_STAR
Performance (Responsiveness): 5_STAR

Overall Score:

No, you aren’t seeing a ghost, I’m standing on a 5-stat Rating, which is downright crazy. These are an ultra comfortable shoe to run in for all distances, especially for long distances, based on my first-hand experience. Out of the box and after much use, I’m still amazed at the versatility of this shoe for running and all-day use. Well done, Brooks, well done.


Do you wear the Brooks Ghost shoe? Share your experience and opinions in the comments below – I’d love to know about your running experience!

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