About & Records

What started out as a simple idea turned into an obsession. My running journey began in April of 2016 (after losing over 45 lbs) and slowly developed into a passion.

At one point in my life I weighed in close to 270-280 lbs., the exact number alluded me. I hid from the scale and refused to face facts. I lived off energy drinks and thinking driving past the gym was all the physical fitness I needed.

I was heavily involved with my local volunteer fire company. I loved being able to help others and really found a sense of purpose serving the community. One night I had some chest pains during a training exercise. I came to the realization that I was literally a walking statistic. Heart attacks are the number one killer among firefighters. If I got hurt or injured, I was at a weight that would compromise my rescue team’s efforts. At my size, no one was saving me and I was a nothing more than a liability. That’s when my wife and I decided to take our health into our own hands.

We started a food blog to track and share our healthy eating. Getting our diet straight was priority number one. I tell people before running, food was our focus!

Once the weight started to drop, I rekindled my love for running and the rest is history! I find a therapeutic quality in running, and I find myself being a better person after I run. I never was really into competitive sports, but always have enjoyed racing. Once I began running races, I rekindled that passion and fueled further weight-loss success. I’m passionate about running, eating real food, and living a clean lifestyle.

Since the initial race, I’ve lost a total of 80+ lbs and continue to strive for new records!

Personal Records:
1 Mile – 6:48
5K – 24:13
10K – 55:44
15K – 1:25.52
10 Mile – 1:32:26
20K – 1:55:51
1/2 Marathon – 2:01:57
Marathon – Coming Soon!

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