Finding my Why!

Holy cats, I almost forgot about my blog! It’s been a crazy 2 months off from the platform, and hopefully I’m back and posting regularly again.

Anyway, over the last 2 months I’ve been recording videos like crazy and trying to find where I fit in, when it comes to the YouTube world.

I enrolled in Casey Neistat’s “film school” via and I’m looking forward to sharing my review soon. But- before that review, here is a short video I made about finding my “why”.

Running has become such a part of my life, and I think I tap into the deeper meaning of why I’m drawn to this community. Enjoy!

Holiday Gift Guide 2021!

Do you have a runner (or active individual) in your life and really looking to ROCK their holidays? OR are you active individual and looking to treat yourself with a little holiday cheer? Look no further than my holiday gift guide!

You’ve come to the right place!

I’ve put together a list of all my favorite goodies that should fit all your holiday shopping criteria!

Just a quick note: due to FTC guidelines, I should mention I’m an ambassador for a few of these brands, and as such have received products for free for me to review. I also have special affiliate links and discount codes for said products, so keep an eye out! These brands are marked with an asterisk (*)!

Products for those feet!

I’m not affiliated with any of these sock brands, but find myself using them often. Socks are an important tool in your runner’s arsenal. Equip them (or yourself) with the very best!

1. Brooks Running Run-in-3 Pack Socks(*) Brooks are my official go-to socks for 2021! These socks are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable for running and all day wear. Even more awesome is that they come in an affordable 3-pack!

2. Feetures Socks! Feetures are my second favorite sock brand! I have several pairs and can attest for their quality and durability! These make a great affordable stock stuffer!

3. Smartwool Socks! A close contender to my go-to’s, are these awesome widely available socks. Smartwool socks are durable, comfortable, and make great stocking stuffers!

Tech for those on the move!

1. Aftershokz Bone-Conducting Headphones*! These are the last pair of headphones you will ever buy. You read that right. Hands down, my life changed after I made the jump to Aftershokz! Right now there are sales being promoted just in time for the holidays. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed! I have first hand experience with all the models, each are designed to fit every budget and will make a GREAT gift.

2. Garmin Fitness Trackers(*) Garmin is the only brand I trust to log my activities! I have the Forerunner 235 and Fēnix 5X Sapphire and cannot recommend these enough. The forerunner models make a gift for the runner in your life. And if you’re really looking to make a statement, the Fēnix models will make the most adventurous person blush.

Fēnix 5X Sapphire (above)

Products for Health!

1. Mantra Labs Chrono Bundle(*) When it comes to all around nutrition and energy management, Mantra Labs is my go-to. With their Chrono Bundle you can make the most of your day, everyday! Use discount code “mantrah25” to save 25% off your order! I love their Rise and Hydrate products!

2. GoodFor CBD Products*! My go-to pain-relief cream is the GoodFor brand cream, it’s the most effective topical treatment that helps relief aches and pains from intense workouts and activities. This makes a great stocking stuffer for the runner in your life, and is even more affordable when you use my discount code: KEN15

3. Science in Sport! After a workout recovery goes a long way into building your performance. I have been using SiS Recovery for the last month with no complaints. SiS formulas are vegetarian friendly and don’t contain any harsh or foul tasting chemicals. The chocolate flavor is my favorite! Science in Sport also carries numerous products to help your athlete make the most of their training.

Cold Weather Gear!

1. BUFF True Originals(*) Just in time for the cold weather! This gear has your head and face covered to help keep you moving no matter what the weather throws at you! Make sure you use visit: and sign up for the newsletter to receive 15% off!

Buff True Original (above)

2. Brooks Running(*) Brooks is my brand of choice and I love all of their products (explains why they’re featured in nearly every category! You can go wrong with the Notch Thermal Hoodie or their awesomely comfortable Switch Hybrid Pants (great for running and lounging). The list doesn’t end their, be sure to explore their website and all their running gear!

Gear to say visible!

1. Brooks Carbonite Collection(*) be seen with the Brooks Carbonite collection. Not only are these threads super stylish, but they’re super functional!

2. Foxelli Head Lamp! This USB rechargeable head lamp has served me well over the years! Affordable (less than $20) and durable, this head lamp makes for a great stocking stuffer!

3. SlapLit LED Slap Lite! Looking to stay visible to others when running at night? Just slap this bracelet onto your wrist or ankle, press the button and let the flashing LED do the rest! For around $10 you can’t go wrong with the cheap insurance!

Energy for the Run!

1. MickFit Energy Drinks*! My go to drink for a bump of energy and refreshment! MickFit comes in various flavors that will satisfy any taste! I’m a HUGE fan of Guava Pear, and always make sure I’m stocked up! Use discount code: KEN10 to save 10%

2. Mantra Labs GO!(*) GO delivers clean energy that helps not only power you through a tough workout, but can also help fight that afternoon slump. Use discount code “mantrah25” for 25% off your order.

3. Honey Stinger Products! As a Honey Stinger ambassador I feel like it goes without saying, but I love their energy chews! And they make for great stocking stuffers! I carry the energy chews with me on all my long runs and have never been let down! If chews aren’t your game, give the waffles a try, honestly, you can’t go wrong! Honey Stinger products ROCK and the runner in your life will love them too!

4. Tailwind Nutrition! I use Tailwind products on all my long distance runs over 10 miles. Tailwind doesn’t hurt my stomach or give me trouble when I consume it on the move. Try out their starter pack to find what flavor works for the runner in your life (or you)!

You can never have enough Tech hats!

1. Brooks Running Propel Mesh Hat(*) I have three of these hats and lot how lightweight and comfortable they are. They not only perform well, but come in different styles, so they’re super cool looking as well!

2. BOCO Gear! If you or your runner has a tech hat obsession like me, checkout BOCO Gear for all the latest and most awesome designs! And not to mention, BOCO gear has more than just hats, so check them out!

Rock the Holidays!

Anyway, I hope a few of these items will find their way into your home for the holidays! Make your runner’s (or your) holiday a hit and ROCK the season of gift giving!

Daily Vlog, take two.

I’ve tried to do this before, and despite my best efforts, got sidetracked and never followed through on creating a daily vlog. But that changes, now. I realize that daily vlogs aren’t anything new or novel in the world of YouTube – but it does serve as a great challenge for those of us looking to hone our craft.

For me, this vlog will be a great daily exercise in storytelling, editing, and sharing. Hopefully, I’ll learn some tricks along the way, all of which I intend on sharing and teaching to anyone who cares to follow along.

This is day 1, i hope you’ll join me.

Product Spotlight: BUFF®️ True Originals

Disclaimer: I received a BUFF®️ Original Multifunction Neckwear to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

When I started running a few years ago I would look to more advanced runners for tips and tricks to make the most out of my running experience. Not only was I looking for running tips, but more importantly I wanted to see what gear they were using. And Buff(s) we’re at the top of the list!

Versatile, comfortable, and with multiple ways to wear, I can’t see why you wouldn’t add this to your list! Stock up just in time for the holidays, Buffs make a great gift (for yourself and others)!

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Peloton: A year-ish of Ownership and Insight

Back in January we took the Peloton plunge and bought our bike. Now, granted it’s only been 10 months but I thought I’d share a few insights that may or may not help you decide if the Peloton Bike is for you.

I’ll admit, this is mostly geared towards the individuals who are leaning toward buying a bike. So, I’m going to lay out some tips to help you make the most of your Peloton experience.

I’m not affiliated with Peloton as an ambassador, I’m just a regular paying customer, so the following takeaways are my personal views. If you decide to purchase a Peloton Bike I have a code that will save you $100 off accessories, and trust me, you’ll want (some) of the accessories.

The Cost

First and foremost, the cost. I may or may not have said this before, but the real deciding factor for us to take the plunge and buy a bike was because of two major factors:

Factor 1. Our local YMCA had closed its doors due to the pandemic (among other things).

Factor 2. Peloton offers 0% financing through Affirm.

The bike is expensive, no argument there, but if you take advantage of the financing through Affirm it makes purchasing a Peloton much more obtainable. I’m not affiliated with Affirm either, I’m just saying it’s what worked best for us in the long run. The way we looked at it was our budgeted monthly $80+ gym membership was now available and the perks of having the bike right in our home and ready to go at a moments notices was a win-win.

Also, the Peloton app has much more than just cycling alone. There are strength, stretching, yoga, meditation, running, and all sorts of classes that add to the experience!

My takeaway: (if it makes sense) cancel your gym membership and take advantage of financing through Affirm.

The Accessories

The bike comes in a variety of packages, we opted for the package that included: two (2) pairs of shoes, two (2) 3 lbs. weights, two (2) heart-rate monitors, two (2) headphones, two (2) water bottles, and a bike mat.

The weights are nice to have. I don’t have much input on them as I don’t use them as often as I thought. Also, you may be able to pick up a set for cheap if you shop around. Again, nice to have, but not necessary if all you’re going to do is strictly cycle. Classes like Bike Bootcamp, strength, and select rides utilize weights, but there are plenty of workouts without the need for weights.

The heart rate monitors are finicky to say the least. When they work they’re awesome, but when they don’t work it’s super frustrating. Having your metrics come and go during a ride is extremely distracting and robs you of the experience of getting a good ride in. If you want a good HR monitor, I would look into purchasing a Bluetooth/ANT+ brand that you trust- they’re plenty out there.

The headphones have been in their packaging for the last 10 months and I don’t foresee that changing. Our bike is in its own small room which helps with preventing its use from disturbing others. If you don’t need to be quiet, ditch the headphones.

The water bottles are glass. Read that again.

Trying to use the glass Peloton water bottles while riding gave me anxiety. Plus the lids screw on and off, which makes it double difficult to use during a ride. If you want easy fluid delivery during a ride, do yourself a favor and purchase cheap squeeze bottles. I mean, that is unless you want the fancy glass Peloton bottles.

My takeaway after owning and using the bike for the last 10 months: Get the shoes and get the bike mat – I would shop around for everything else.

Things to Consider

As I mentioned before, our bike is in its own small room. As such, it gets hot and steamy during the ride, like wicked hot. One thing I’d consider purchasing is a fan you can place on the floor (or wall) to help keep you cool. I bought a small high velocity fan from Lowe’s to keep the air moving around me during my rides- hands down, smartest investment.

Along those same lines, buy plenty of towels! We keep a towel on the handlebars to help catch sweat from soaking the grips, and I keep an extra towel on the weight rack to help dry off after the ride. There are custom designer mats you can place on the handlebars, but with our whole family using the bike we’re talking sweat city that we’d need 2-3 mats in rotation. It’s more cost effective to just buy cheap towels and keep them in rotation rather than having a designer mat.

You’re going to be spending some quality saddle time for a majority of the rides, and you’ll find out quick whether or not your butt agrees with the seat. To help ease your sweet cheeks, buy a gel seat cover! There are plenty available on the market, so shop around and find one that fits your budget.

My other takeaways: get a fan, get a bunch of cheap sweat towels, get a padded seat cover.

$100 off Code

Okay, you’ve made it this far. Here is my referral code good for $100 off accessories (like shoes, etc.):


Have questions? Feel free to comment below!

Space Jam: A New Legacy Virtual Run

Disclaimer: I received an entry into the Space Jam: A New Legacy Virtual Run as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

Starting July 12 through September join me in the Space Jam: A New Legacy Virtual Run!

Relive the nostalgia of the original Space Jam while celebrating a new release of newest movie in theaters!

And when you sign up HERE, use “SpaceJamPromo” to score a free BUFF!

100 Peloton Rides!

I made this video to share with my close friends to build some hype about joining me on my century ride! Unfortunately, my timing was a little off and I ended up rocking my century ride on my own schedule.

I was lucky enough to have one of the BibRave Pros join me, so it was nice to be able to celebrate 100 rides with a fellow Bibraver!

Fitness has been a fun and challenging journey, more especially after catching Covid and having to pause physical activities until my fitness levels came back.

Anyway- thanks for following along!

Science in Sport Immune Tabs: Unboxing

Disclaimer: I received the Science in Sport Immune Tabs to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

Having a prepared immune system is super crucial to helping fend off illness, or at least give you a fighting chance to stay ahead of whatever is going around!

Sipping down some Immune Tabs!

Check out my Science in Sport Immune Tabs unboxing on my YouTube channel, or here on the blog

When you are ready to checkout more of Science in Sport’s products, save 15% off your order using discount code: SIS-BIBRAVE-21 at checkout!