You’ve mostly landed on this page because I’ve filled out an ambassador form and dropped this link in my application, or you have been cruising my site and just so happened to end up here. Regardless, welcome.

In late 2018 I joined the BibRave Team and have been given a great opportunity to be known as a BibRave Pro! Being a BRP means I have the distinct pleasure of promoting, reviewing, and running in various races through partnerships between BibRave and Race Organizers. I also have been blessed with being able to try out new products and services focused on the running community. This blog will be updated on a regular basis (aiming high here) throughout the years, offering my insight and my reviews on everything running related!

In 2023 I’m happy to announce I’ve joined BibRave as not only a Content Creator, but Team Captin as well! This has all the awesome benefits of being a BibRace Pro with the added bonus of generating additional content across all social media platforms and getting to lead a team of awesome people along the way!

I’ve been blessed to have many opportunities present themselves to me throughout my running career, despite my late start.  While I enjoy a bulk of products and services, the following brands are ones I truly put my faith and trust in their products.  They meet my personal expectations, and these companies embrace the same values I hold myself accountable.

2023 RHT badge


2023 is going to be another great year, and even more so now that I’ve partnered with Brooks Running for the THIRD YEAR IN A ROW! Brooks are my “go-to” running shoes and I’m so happy to have been selected for the 2023 Team!

Brooks was the first running shoes I wore that just felt “right”, and have since been the only shoe brand that has lived up to all the attention, hype, and expectations!

If you’re looking for great running shoes, Brooks is the brand to use!


Despite being an average runner, I do have my own opinions and a growing presence on social media. My 2023-24 goal is to exceed four thousand followers (currently sitting around 3,200 followers).

I’m involved in more than just running in my day-to-day life (although getting paid to run professionally would be pretty sweet), I find sheer joy in just living an active lifestyle – hiking, camping, surfing, swimming, you name it. 2023 will be an adventurous year and I’d like for you to come along.

I’m going places, won’t you tag along?

Oh and just like everyone else, let’s be real and admit we like free stuff and at least feel like we’re insiders and “in the know”. I especially like products that meet my own personal criteria and, most importantly – products that actually WORK! Chances are if your company has an Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account and I use and enjoy your products: I’m following you, I’m tagging you, I’m repping your brand already for free- what’s a little recognition on your part?

For business inquiries, please see my  Contact page, let’s connect, make something happen, and let’s go place together.