Protect those Eyes! Product Review: Shady Rays



Disclaimer: I received a pair of Shady Rays Sunglasses to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

If you know me, you know I struggle with sunglasses. Growing up in the 90’s it was a status symbol to wear an expensive pair of shades, along with frosted tips and pukka shell necklaces (don’t judge me). In fact, I recall getting contacts for the sole purpose of wearing sunglasses. I spent the hard-earned cash I earned over the summer on a $120 pair of shades. I can still recall the boardwalk in Seaside Heights, NJ where I picked up those prized specks. MTV had invaded the Jersey Shore, and being seen on the beach, let alone looking cool was priority number one.

I swear I wore those sunglasses 24/7- until about a week into ownership, I dropped them while riding my bike. After that painful crunch, I was left with a humbling reminder that $120 pair of shades were really really cool, but they immediately lost their coolness once they were broken. Best of all- no take backs, the shop I purchased the shades from didn’t know the meaning of warranty. That was probably the fastest way I’ve ever spent $120.

I’ve always struggled to find the right pair of sunglasses. I’ve bought expensive sunglasses only to break or lose them. I’ve bought cheap sunglasses, as ZZ Top instructed me to do so, only to break them shortly after purchase. I’ve even gone through the trouble of buying prescription sunglasses through my eye doctor’s office only to find after a year or so my eyesight changes and they no longer serve their purpose.

What’s a guy/gal to do? The answer: Shady Rays.

If you are looking for premium sunglasses that offer:

  • Competitive affordable pricing
  • Free LOST or STOLEN Replacements
  • Lifetime Warranty in Craftsmanship
  • Pays for 11 Meals to Fight Hunger per Order
  • And most importantly come in awesome styles (and are available in prescription too!)

Look no further than Shady Rays! And best of all use discount code “RAVE” for 50% two (2) or more pairs from the Shade Shop!

So, where do I stand on Shady Rays? I love the quality of these sunglasses, and best of all, their “Live Hard” policy means I can take these guys with me on all my adventures! It’s the little things like having some peace of mind knowing that worrying over sunglasses is a thing of the past! Do yourself a favor and grab yourself a pair, or two and save!

I went for the “incognito” style, the frame has a matte black finish, paired with black lenses. Normally I go for flashy when it comes to sunglasses, but this time I was feeling the look and style of this model.

I’ve been rocking these bad boys during my outdoor runs among the snow-covered landscape. The sun is blindingly bright reflecting off the snow, and these specks do an awesome job shielding my eyes. I cannot believe how well they fit the face, and the lenses are large enough that no light creeps in from the edges. Looks and performance are top-notch!


Style 5_STAR
Affordability 5_STAR
Quality 5_STAR
Performance 5_STAR
100% Free Replacement 5_STAR

All around, I’m standing on a 5 Star Rating for Shady Rays! Now go grab yourself a pair and tell them Ken sent ya!


Do you have a pair of Shady Rays?! Share your experience below!

Here’s what my fellow BibRave Pros have to say:

5 thoughts on “Protect those Eyes! Product Review: Shady Rays

    • Ken Stands on Things says:

      I’m pretty hard on my equipment, glasses tend to get tossed around a lot and lost half the time, so having some peace-of-mind knowing I can rely on replacements is pretty cool!


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