The Frozen Snot, Part I

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I just want to start off by saying that I love my family and friends very much.

Have you ever signed up for a race without really, and I mean really, knowing what you are signing up for?! I thought I had my work cut out for me when I signed up for the Hex Hollow Half… enter “The Frozen Snot”.

My friends have a great way of getting me to sign up for races, races that sound like sheer hell. After a 10 mile trail run in absolute crap weather, my friend mentioned this little race called the Frozen Snot and suggested I sign up for it. Because “It’ll be fun” are his exact words, if I recall.

So I did, without batting an eye I signed up for the Frozen Snot and that’s when the sheer panic set in. As my eyes read through the race details I could feel them opening wider and wider, corresponding to my jaw that eventually hit the floor.

Fun is what he said right?!

If your idea of fun is climbing death hills close to 4,000 ft in elevation gains, in the Frozen tundra of Northern Pennsylvania, then God Bless ya!

The website lists several warnings, reminding you this ain’t Grandma’s leisure stroll around the neighborhood. This is a serious race, with obstacles that demand respect. They even go as far to remind you that you’ll need the appropriate gear or else you’ll get turned away at the start… and did I just read: *serious injuries and death?!

I love my family and friends, we’re all crazy.

Welcome to the big leagues.

I’m not looking to win, by no means will I be pushing myself to my limits and going “all out” in a mad dash to make a name for myself. I’m going for the raw experience of everything this course has to offer. It sounds really difficult, it sounds like a lot of work, and yeah, it sounds like fun.

In preparation for the Frozen Snot, I’ve secured my Kahtoola Microspikes and have been working on climbing exercises at the gym, as well as strength training in my legs. Am I 100% confident that I’m prepared? Not in the very least, but I plan on maintaining my gym regimen right up to the event. I mean, it can’t hurt, right?

Training Plan

So far my training looks like Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Warm-up with a 30 min run (Zone 2-3) followed by machine strength training. Back Extensions, Upper Thigh, and Lower Leg Raises.

Tuesday and Thursday usually end up being short run days, or a lazy day sleeping in and resisting going out in the cold.

Saturday and/or Sunday are long run days. If I run on Saturday I’ll rest on Sunday, vise versa. I try to maintain my heart rate in Zones 2 & 3, per my Garmin Forerunner.

Anyway, February 2nd will be the first Frozen Snot experience, and depending on the outcome may or may not be the last.

What’s the hardest race you’ve signed up for? How was your training in preparation for the big day? Are you as crazy as I am, signing up for races without really reading the details?

Stay tuned for the conclusion (Part II) and my take away from this gnarly adventure race!

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