Zwift Run, Let’s get Virtual!



Disclaimer: I received a Zwift Run Pod to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

It’s here, WINTER WEATHER, and if you live in the NorthEast of the good old USA like me: it’s dark and cold when you wake up, and chances are it’s dark and cold when you return home from work. I’m not a huge fan of running in the dark, so my running shoes typically see a lot of treadmill time during the cold winter months.

As a runner who flat-out hates treadmills, this time of the year is when my training suffers the most. Enter the Zwift Run Pod! The Zwift Run Pod is an amazingly simple device you attach to your shoe, that allows you to run in a virtual world using your smart device and a treadmill. If you dread indoor running like me, the Zwift Run Pod is a game changer!

When the pod arrived and I couldn’t wait to tear into the package and get running.  The pod is shipped in a small box, that includes the Zwift Run Pod, Battery, and Quick-Start Users manual. Now, I was pretty impatient so I downloaded the app well before receiving my pod, so you’ll need to download the App to your smart device and create an account before diving right in.

Once you unbox your pod the rest is pretty easy. Installing the battery is an easy job, with a coin or other flat object, just a quick twist on the bottom of the pod will remove the cover.  Insert the battery and simply tighten the cover back into place.

Connecting your Run Pod to your shoes is super simple. Just twist the pod off its base to expose the “mounting plate”, slip the plate under your laces matching the location in the user’s manual, and then twist the pod back on to secure it in place. It should make an audible “click” to let you know it’s secured.

Easy right?! That’s all you need to be up and running… so speaking of which:

Zwift offers various training plans to get you up and moving toward your goals. The starting program is Zwift 101, where you are introduced to the app, it runs through the various functions and displays to help you get the most from your run.  From there you can work on running your fastest mile, training for a 5K, and even marathon training, the choice is up to you.  You can also fire up the app to run with a group, run with friends, or just log some miles without a predetermined time or finish. The possibilities Zwift has to offer means you’ll never have to settle for another plain old boring treadmill run again!

I found the interface of the app very intuitive and easy to use. I’m running Zwift off my iPhone X which is a little smaller than I would like, so I imagine using a Tablet or Computer will help you “see” a little better. However, the iPhone still gets the job done and the overall experience is still a lot of fun when you can virtually log miles in all the different places Zwift has to offer.

*GASP* Did I just read what I wrote: Running on the treadmill can be fun? Yes, I said it, running on the treadmill is FUN… with Zwift.

When I first saw the Run Pod in use, I was sold… literally, I bought one! The simplicity of the design, the ease of use, and the awesome user interface immediately caught my attention. Anything to brighten those dreary treadmill miles is a game changer in my book. I really enjoy my Run Pod… and you will too, use the discount code “BIBRAVE15” and save 15% off your very own Zwift Run Pod!

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