A note about Instagram…

Mild rant, first world problems, spam, and a little bit of insecurity.

Chances are if you follow me on Instagram, you follow the blog (maybe) or you’re a twitter follower and you follow the blog (also a maybe), or maybe you’re just following the blog… I digress either way thank you for the support, please be sure to leave your social media handles so I can return the favor.

Just a note about the “following game” on the Gram:
1. If you follow me, chances are, I follow you – pretty simple.
2. If you unfollow me, chances are, I’ll unfollow you – because I’m a child like that.
3. *If you have thousands of followers and don’t follow many in return; chances are I won’t follow you back.
4. If you block me, honestly, why tho? I’m curious if my running content is that offensive? If so, sorry? I guess?
5. If you are Dreaming Elegance, Bfirst, or Proudfitfam – please stop. Also, be prepared for me to engage with you and question your grammar right spot peep my bio instantly.

*Disclaimer – I have a dear friend whose band is destroying the Instagram scene, I’m okay being in the elite “following” group on their profile. Also, I few of the companies I follow, have returned the favor and follow me back as well (*cough, cough* Mojo Socks).