BibRave Pro Insight: How To Create Multi-Frame Run Photos — Alastair Vance

Have you ever hit a rut with your Social Media posts? I know I have gotten tired of posting the same look over and over again on Instagram, despite having a signature theme. The minimal movement in regard to likes and follows, after a while can be discouraging and the appeal to post in general falls away. Do you follow other accounts that make you wonder how they achieve stunning photos, or effects that really make their posts stand out? They must be using some fancy expensive apps and computer programs, right?!

Wrong: There are simple tricks you can do to improve the look of your social media posts. Simply adding text, graphics, or an effect to your photos can be used to your advantage to really pull in the likes and followers. And you can achieve all this with FREE apps available on the Android and Apple platforms.

Check out fellow BibRave Pro Alastair Vance sharing his secrets on how to create awesome multi-framed running photos!

I’ve been creating running photos like this for a while now and recently people have been asking how it is done. It started off with a fascination with floating photos, where both feet are off the ground. I expanded this to pull multiple frames from the same video and stitch them together to create images…

How To Create Multi-Frame Run Photos — Alastair Vance

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