Series: Release the Runner! Part 3, Running Responsibly

So now that you’ve had time to get out and about, you might be wondering how you can run more responsibly. Today I’m going to cover the basics, some simple steps you can take to make sure you are a responsible runner!

Step One: Be Vocal

Getting out and logging miles is always a great way to exercise, but you might have some concerns about getting too far from your home (or starting point, stay place, etc.). Running out of your comfort zone helps break those barriers, but to make sure you have some peace of mind during your run I always suggest telling someone.

Before heading out I am vocal about my plans, and you should be too! I’m not saying tell the entire world, but would encourage you to tell your spouse, significant other, family, or close friends (what I refer to as my immediate circle) what your plans are, I call it “Sharing the Big Three”

A. Where you are going to run. Share details about where you are physically running (around the neighborhood, out on the trails at the local park, etc.), so your inner circle know where you’ll be.

B. How far you plan on running. Share with your inner circle how far you plan on running and give them a sense for how long you’ll be gone. Sharing your goal also helps with accountability and may increase the likelihood of you achieving what you set out to do.

C. Who you are going to be with. It seems so elementary, but let your inner circle know if you’ll be running solo, with friends, a running group, etc.

Step Two: Run Defensively

Always run defensively and never assume other runners, bicyclists, or motorist can see you and are aware of your presence. If you are taking to the street, running against traffic is the best way for you to always be aware of what’s coming, and affords you the ability to get out of harms way. I stress you because as a defensive runner, it’s on you to take action.

Another topic which I didn’t cover on social media is running with tools to keep you safe, or at least offer you a peace of mind. Carrying your phone, pepper spray, etc.

Step Three: Choose LOUD Clothing

I always wear bright and loud colors on my run, especially when it’s early in the morning, or in the evenings when visibility might become an issue.

I have a lot of bright colored gear that is essential for running year round not just in foul weather! Remember to be seen! Again, this ties into running defensively, but you want to make sure you are wearing loud colors to be easily recognized and seen!

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