Product Review: WIN Sports Detergent

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We all have it, that one tech shirt we got from signing up for that one race, you know, the one where you hit a PR, or had a memorable moment, that one tech shirt that every time you put it on, you reminisce about your experience and why you run! Well here’s a little NEWS FLASH for you; IT STINKS!

Ewww, that smell…

I will admit, I love my Hershey Half Marathon tech shirt from 2016, it is hands down one of the best quality tech shirts I have ever received, and I wear it frequently. It was my first half marathon I had ever signed up for, and one that I will remember forever. In fact, I love that tech shirt that I’m willing to bet that from early Fall to late Spring if it’s chilly out during my run, I’m rocking my favorite Hershey long sleeve tech.

As endearing as it sounds, the real problem is, I wear it too much, so much that after just a few minutes I can literally smell myself… which is like the opposite of what I want to experience during any run. The other major problem is, when combined with other clothes, they too carry that same funk, even after a wash!

My wife blames me, I blame the washing machine, but it turns out, we’re both wrong; we’ve been using the wrong detergent this whole time.

WIN Sports Detergent for the Win!

WIN Sports Detergent is specifically designed to handle the FUNK, and when used per the manufacturer’s guidelines on the back of the bottle, literally takes the nasty stank from all my running gear!

I love running and find that as the week progresses, my pile of stinky running clothes slowly starts to accumulate in the laundry room. To make matters worse, the longer those clothes sit in the hamper, the more bacteria grows and the stronger the odor gets!

How does it work? Take a quick look at the science behind WIN:

Overall Thoughts

So where do I stand on WIN Sports Detergent? Let’s take a look and break it down: price, effectiveness, scent.

Price: For around $11 you can get 32 loads from one bottle 5_STAR
Effectiveness: What smell? All of my running gear, even the oldest of my gear no longer has that “funk”! 5_STAR
Scent: Active Fresh scent is crisp, and not only do my clothes smell amazing, but they feel as good as day one! 5_STAR

Overall, I’m standing on a solid 5-star rating! I really wish I could find a downside to this detergent, but honestly, it’s the best investment for anyone that is super active and needs a detergent designed specifically for activewear!


WIN Sports Detergent is now available on AMAZON! BibRave fans can receive 20% their order using code: WIN4RAVE at checkout! Hurry this deal expires on 5/12/2019 at midnight! Stock up and SAVE!

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7 thoughts on “Product Review: WIN Sports Detergent

  1. Excellent review! I’m loving WIN myself because I really despise the artificial “clean”-smelling detergents that really just mask odor in my opinion. WIN actually takes the stank (not stink – STANK) out of my oh-so sweaty running clothes. I’ve started using it on our Kindergartner’s clothes as well!


  2. Meridith says:

    For me, the true test was using Win on my Ragnar shirt from 2017. Woo-whee, that thing STINKS! Or well, it DID before Win. It’s so much better now!

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