Three-Part Series: Part III, Brooks Glycerin 17


“Disclaimer: I received a pair of the Brooks Glycerin shoes to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

Here it is, Part III of my Brooks Running shoe review, and we’re ending this one on a happy note – or should I say on a #RunHappy note! In this closing review, I take a closer look at the new Brooks Glycerin 17 shoe and run it through its paces.

When the mail delivered this package I couldn’t wait to tear into it, unbox these amazing shoes, and get straight to running. As I ripped through the packaging and unboxed the classic blue Brooks Running box. I was caught off guard by the chill that went down my spine, as I lifted the top of the box open and was greeted with the “Run Happy” catchphrase spelled out with shoelaces. My olfactory senses were hit with the smell and feel of new running shoes.

C’mon folks, you runners know exactly what I’m talking about, there is some serious magic in a new pair of shoes. Just look at them:

After unboxing the shoes, I planned on making an unboxing video and documenting the whole experience, but excitement got the better of me and, after all, I just wanted to run. I unpackaged the Glycerin 17 shoes and slipped them onto my feet – the shoe has the Brooks classic foot sleeve inside the hugs your foot as you get comfortable inside the shoe. The toe box feels roomy enough to move around, yet the foot sleeve holds everything snug. The overall foot feel is controlled, and once they were on, I was out the door.

I immediately put 5 miles on the shoes out of the box. These shoes are magical!

Technical Specs: Source Brooks 



Midsole Drop



10.6oz / 300.5g


Medium, High

I mentioned that “classic Brooks foot sleeve” and it has a name, according to the site the technical name for this is the OrthoLite™ sockliner. As mentioned above, it offers a comfortable “hug” on your foot that really makes you feel in control. I noticed while running how comfortable, flexible, and effortless the shoes felt – yet at the same time had confidence in each step knowing the shoes were right there to perform.

The DNA LOFT cushioning is especially nice on the foot strike every time the shoe made contact with the ground beneath me. The cushioning has a great balance of softness and responsiveness, that distance runners can appreciate. I noticed by mile 4 how comfortable the shoes felt and how natural I felt running in them. I will admit that Brooks has cornered shoe comfort and “run-ability” right from the box.

Feeling a little Shamrocky!

The tread isn’t super aggressive on these shoes, the design is a cross between the Ghost and Launch series shoes. They provide superior grip on the road, and I was impressed with their handling in unfavorable weather conditions. Running in the rain on a fresh pair of shoes is a great trial-by-fire.


Image Source:


So where do I stand on the Brooks Glycerin 17 shoe? I’m impressed with the overall quality and responsiveness of the shoe and have been obsessing on the fit. My initial response to the foot sleeve was apprehensive, but once I put the shoe through its paces, I really fell in love with the heightened level of control it provides. I feel fast in these shoes, I feel comfortable in these shoes – I can see why Des Linden, 2018 Boston Marathon Champion makes these her go-to shoe!

Cushion (Shoe Comfort): 5_STAR
Foot Fit (True to Size): 5_STAR
Weight: 5_STAR
Traction: 5_STAR
Performance (Responsiveness): 5_STAR

Overall Score

I’m standing on a solid 5-star Rating. These are a superior running shoe for all distances, especially for long distances, given the amount of control and responsiveness that only the Glycerin 17’s can provide. I’ve already logged 50 miles or so on these shoes within the last few weeks, and I can’t see any signs of stopping. Once again, Brooks, you’ve nailed it.


Do you wear the Brooks Glycerin 17 shoe? Share your experience and opinions in the comments below – I’d love to know about your “Run Happy” experience!

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