A Condensed Running Guide to Gettysburg, PA

Gettysburg is a wonderfully awesome town, full of rich history, foodie eats, places to stay, sites to see, and miles and miles of roads and trails to explore. And now that’s winter is almost gone, I thought I’d recap my Gettysburg Winter Runner Guide. I’m also pumped to announce that I’m registered to run the Gettysburg Blue and Gray Half Marathon, April 28, 2019!

Historical sites, landmarks to see, and museums can occupy most of your time, and for first-time visitors, these are a must. If you’ve never been to GBG prepare to be inspired! We’ve been coming to GBG for the last 13 years and could write a book about all the must-see historical sites, so I’ll try to highlight the hits and focus on running. Let’s get down to business.

Running boils down to two very important things: first being, where can I get a nice hot shower and relax? And the second being, what’s to eat?

Places to Stay: Small disclaimer: There are a handful of hotels in the area, each offering their own conveniences and deals. When booking your room always do your own research to find what suits you. These recommendations are based on the last 13 years of visiting Gettysburg.

My recommendation, hands down, would be The Dobbin House Bed and Breakfast. Located close to the battlefields, it makes a quick location to lace-up and run. The Dobbin House has the best breakfast served only to its guests that rivals all others. The rooms are unique and have that added touch that makes you feel like you’re at home. Best of all, the staff goes out of their way to really make your experience enjoyable. Best of all, take advantage of the winter rates and get some of the best deals of the season on your stay. I mean look at this freaking breakfast:

Just look at this Dobbin House Breakfast!

If the Dobbin House isn’t your style, maybe you’re traveling with kids and want to enjoy some additional amenities (pool, gym, etc.) I would recommend the Hampton Inn of Gettysburg (shout out to my fellow Hilton Rewards friends), every time we’ve stayed at this hotel it has been a wonderful experience. I cannot say enough about the helpful staff, and nice clean rooms! The only drawback (if you’d call it that) is this Hampton Inn is set on the outskirts of town, which means you’ll have to drive into town to check out the stores, etc. However, a nice benefit is that rooms always seem to be available since it’s not in the prime hotspots of Gettysburg and the rates are affordable. We typically stay at this Hampton Inn before the Hard Cider Run, since it’s a nice place for a quiet evening of rest.

Top Places for Eats:
If you are looking for an experience I have two favorites to share. First, hands down The Dobbin House has fine dining if you’re into that sort of thing with a menu of select favorites. If fine dining escapes you, try the Springhouse Tavern located in the cellar of the Dobbin House – it’s an experience anyone visiting the town must try!

Food 101 offers “Gourmet New American Dishes & Pizza” and trust me you’ll want to try the pizzas, that’s why this comes in at my second must eat stop in Gettysburg! They have a menu that fits all lifestyles – if you didn’t know, we’re mostly vegetarian, so we were pleased to see how they cater to all tastes. We typically get the Veggie Powerhouse Sandwich and one of their amazing pizzas loaded with veggies!

These are just a sampling of what’s available, in town you have plenty of food choices to satisfy your taste buds: Gettysburg Eddie’s, Appalachian Brewing Co., O’Rorke’s Family Eatery, Blue & Gray Bar & Grill, Tommy’s Pizza, Li’s Buffet, the list goes on.  One thing is certain, you won’t starve to death in Gettysburg with all the available places to eat.

Places to Run:
The Gettysburg Battlefield Historical Park occupies roughly 9.3 square miles of terrain. So it’s no surprise that you’ll find endless possibilities when it comes to running. When we stay at the Dobbin House, we love to get up super early and head to the Gettysburg National Cemetary. There is a sobering feeling standing among the graves and taking in the scenery of the entire landscape. From the Cemetary, we can run to the Pennsylvania Monument and explore the roads that branch off from this historical landmark like a spider web.

Our typical running route takes us along the battlefield, from the Pennsylvania Monument to the George Weikert Farm. From here we pick up a running trail that takes us back to Emmitsburg Road, which we run along all the way back into town. All-in-all a nice 4.5-mile route.

If you check out Map My Run, you’ll see over 900 logged running routes. My suggestion? Make up your own and get lost, it’s the most amazing place, especially during the winter months when the fallen snow makes every road seem like a picture perfect poster.

Did I miss your favorite spot? Comment below and let me know!

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