All About Food

Hey, remember when I used to post up some of my favorite meals? Well, guess what? We’re back with this latest edition and of “All About Food”.

Sweet potatoes are loaded with awesome nutrients, and even better for you when you eat the skin! Topping the list this week is this hearty quinoa stuffed sweet potato!

Bonus bite: Add a little hot sauce to this potato and take the flavor to the next level.

Recipe: Beyond 24 Days

Pressed for time? A quick and easy meal you can throw together is this fried cauliflower rice recipe. Honestly, you can mix and match to make your own, but this is perfect for a little Chinese fakeout.

Bonus bite: this makes for an awesome side dish when you out together meal prep for the week and can be easily divided into cups to add with other dishes.

Recipe: Beyond 24 Days

Okay, okay. It’s the start of the week, maybe you’ve had a rough day, or perhaps it’s a polar vortex and you’re looking for a little comfort food. Look no further than this amazing vegan dumpling soup. Not only are we talking hearty and healthy, but we’re looking at simple ingredients packed full of flavor and tasty comfort goodness!

Bonus bite: add your favor hot sauce to give it a kick!

Recipe: Rabbit and Wolves

Last but not least is breakfast. There is some debate, before a long run, to fuel up before or after you hit the ground running? I’m a “before the run” type of guy that likes his fats, grains, and proteins! Check out this avocado toast with egg and tomato!

Bonus bite: mix some spinach (or greens) into your eggs for an added bonus of calcium and fiber! However, take it easy before a super long run… you know why.

Recipe: Make it up! It’s Breakfast!

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