Honey Stinger Ambassador

First off, Thank you Honey Stinger for allowing me to represent your brand. I’m beyond stoked for this opportunity and already planning out the rest of my year. I look forward to sharing my experiences with your products with everyone I meet. That is the short and sweet of things. [Insert celebratory shouting and fireworks here]

Now the long drawn out part I’m sure most of you will skip over. Have you ever filled out an application to be a brand ambassador for one of your favorite running-related products? I have and I’ve gotten those awful “We’re Sorry” email replies telling me that I’m just not ambassador material.  I’ve got to be honest that’s not a great warm and fuzzy feeling. After getting a few of these emails I decided to just focus on my running and let my social media posting style do the talking.

I saw Honey Stinger had open enrollment and I thought, “why not?” I’ve used their products with success in the past and have never had a bad experience- I figured I’d give it a shot and see where it would go.

Well, after a month with no reply, I chocked it up to another experience and moved on. Still using their products and throwing them a shout-out now and again I continued to just focus on me. Another month went by and I saw a few IG users posting that they had been selected- still no word for me, and I just assumed “better luck next time“.  I put any ambassador program out of my head and just focused on the task at hand; Preparing for the Hot Chocolate 15k, The Hard Cider Run, and upcoming Ragnar Relay.

Last week at our local health food grocer, I saw they had a sale on Honey Stinger products and loaded up!  I had been so consumed with training that I forgot all about the ambassador program.  And then I started to think about Honey Stinger more, started to share and tag them more on IG and Twitter.  I went back to their website and looked through everything again – they use organic products, wholesome ingredients… and originated right in my backyard of Lancaster, PA!

Fast forward to today: BAM there it was, that awesome email that brightened my day! So major thanks to Honey Stinger, here’s to a great race season ahead and thank you for giving me a chance to represent your amazing brand!

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