These are a few of my favorite things… Part I

Ambassador or not, I have my favorites when it comes to running gear, sport and exercise supplements, and running tech. I’m not sponsored or endorsed (aside from the Brooks $1 endorsement) so these are my opinions and mine alone. I’m an average runner with all the same novice runner issues to boot- I am honest about what works and what flat out doesn’t work.

Rather than this be a huge blog post, I’m going to focus on just shoes for the time being. Keep on the lookout for a future blog post about running tech, supplements, and other running essentials that have helped me along the way.

Running Gear – Shoes
I have five pairs of running shoes. All in their own right are decent shoes, all have their pros and cons. I’m a neutral shoe runner, so if you require arch support these probably aren’t for you. When I Run I land in the ball of my foot- heel striker when I walk normally.

Street Running Shoes
New Balance 880V2, my first shoe dedicated to street running. Pro: Solid performance and spring, best suited for 10k races and under. Con: Long distances make the ball of my foot tender.

Saucony Cohesion 8, used for 5K and under training runs, no serious mileage. Pro: cushion and support during light jogs and walking. Con: Cause shin splints when running.

Mizuno Wave Rider 14, preferred Long Distance shoe, anything over 8 miles. Pro: Excellent spring/return and offers cushion on foot strike. The shoe fits snuggly on my foot providing a sense of stability. Con: None

Brooks Launch 4, another preferred Long Distance shoe, anything over 8 miles. Pro: Excellent spring/return and offers superb cushioning on foot strike. Comfortable running, jogging, and casual walking. Con: Seems to wear out faster than all my other shoes, figment is still snug, but showing signs of aging.

Trail Running Shoe
Merrell Agility Charge, decent crappy weather shoe with moderate grip, haven’t had a chance to trail run yet.

Keep in mind, I’m at about 99% road running and only every-so-often run off-road and trails.

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